At Contrll we understand that players want to do more, players want expert guidance in helping to recognize areas of improvement and create a plan to address those areas. We also understand that private training is not always accessible, it’s tough balancing schedules that fit people’s busy lives. That’s why we’ve taken the traditional private training format and reinvented it online. Now it’s accessible to any footballer, regardless of age, level or location, and with us you can now create your own private training schedule. We’ve created a platform that still maintains the personal touch of private training by reviewing your current abilities, we create personalized training sessions specific to the player, highlighting areas of improvement and then giving personalized video feedback that you can use to continue training. Your custom videos are accessible whenever you like, so you can train on your own schedule. We also offer a Skype call for each plan to chat about any questions, comments or concerns you may have. 


Individual training is the ultimate tool to accelerate a players growth as a footballer. As soccer is a team game, many coaches, as they should, focus on developing teams, while sometimes forgetting to focus on the individuals within the team. As personal coaches our emphasis is on the player. Simply put we focus on analyzing and then developing an individuals technique and skills.


Our training plans are aimed at aspiring footballers of all ages and levels who want to improve an area of their game. We believe that with dedication and proper guidance any person can improve their ability and become a better footballer. Wether that's a beginner or an aspiring pro we aim to help anyone that is looking for additional training.

Many of the top athletes in the world have a personal trainer. That's because a coach​ is there to help make you better and guide you along the way. The best coaches are always available, give you detailed feedback and set the plan for you moving. That's what we do but better!


With Contrll you can use our sessions to train in the backyard or at your local training ground before practice. With our platform your session can be accessed on any mobile device.

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